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How to Become a Bartender

The purpose of this website is to show you how to become a bartender, and to clear up any misconceptions that you might have about the job. We seek to provide you with a realistic path to starting your career or hobby, and teaching you the skills needed in order to be successful. In our bartending guides, you can find all the important information pertaining to doing the job; from the actual bartending basics to more advanced topics. You can also read through some of the common questions that we receive from our email list members. If you’re already skilled at bartending, then visit our job assistance area for help with your resume, interviews, how to deal with customers, our drink recipe list, and much more. Our goal is to make you more well rounded at what you do.

how to make beerThe sad fact is, one does not simply walk into a bar (as many jokes start) and get a job as a bartender without experience. It requires knowledge of drinks, laws, licencing, an understanding of people, and numerous other micro skills in order to get hired. Yet, if you can’t get hired without experience, how do you get experience if you’re new? Some people are lucky and get taken in with no background in bartending, but this usually only happens in small towns or small bars.
For the rest of us, there’s only four ways to getting our foot in the door:


How Did You Get Started?

On my 21st birthday, the FIRST thing I wanted to do was learn how to become a bartender. At the time, I had been slaving away for two years as a busser in an off-strip Las Vegas restaurant. It wasn’t a very high paying job, and certainly didn’t carry any respect. Often after a night of cleaning up disgusting tables, sticky half-dried soda spills, and doing whatever grunt work was needed of me – I’d receive a small manila pay envelope with about $50 in it. For two years, that’s all I was worth for my time. $50.

One day while getting a ride home from my bartender friend Michelle, we made a stop at a bank to deposit her tips. We pulled up through the drive through banking, and she stuffed a wad of cash into the pipe. When the teller asked how she wanted to deposit the money, she said “Put $200 in my checking, and $120 in my savings.” My mind was blown. $320 on a Sunday afternoon. She made $40 an hour that day, and I was going home with $40 for my whole shift. I didn’t realize that bartending jobs made that kind of money.

Once I hit 21, that was my goal. To me, bartending was an adventurous career filled with great conversations, attractive friends, amazing money, and thousands of witty drink names that always put a smile on my face. However, movies don’t really show you the ins-and-outs of the job. I figured that I could use my history at the restaurant to inch my way in, but they wanted someone with experience. I couldn’t afford to attend bartending school, so I instead turned to the web.. and was misled.

It took many years of hard love for me to learn the right way to do things and finally make it. While looking around on the internet today, I still see a lot of bad information, the same that I had read back when I went down the path that you’re on now. I decided to mix my love of coding and conversation with bartending, and created this site.


Where can I learn more?

online-bartending-schoolOnline Bartending College Training Program
One thing is certain, learning how to become a bartender takes a lot of knowledge beyond memorizing drink recipes. Whether you’re a hobbyist and only looking for the needed elements to run a bar at home, or you’re seeking a career and want the full package – we highly recommend that you check these guys out. This online bartending school will give you the skills, background information, and drink knowledge needed to perfect your party, or get you the job (and it’s crazy cheap compared to bartending school.) It has an A rank BBB accreditation, so you know they stand behind their quality of service. They’re also the ONLY program that BartendingBasics.net fully supports.